About Us

Heating your UK home is one of the biggest expenses that anyone has. It doesn't matter if that is oil heating, gas heating or some other form of heating. At the end of the day it is a huge expense.

All of the contributors to this website try to form their selections based on some solid and basic principles:

Value for Money - For many people this is mainly what their product buying decision will be made on. As long as buyers know and understand they are getting the best bang for their pound coin, then they are happy to make the spend.​ With electrical heaters, that can get complicated, as there are just so many choices. Vale for money is always top of our list, when it comes to making recommendations.

Finding the BEST products - There are a lot of products out there in almost every Retail sector that you can think of. It could be clothes, bedding. electronic appliances, or any number of items. Electrical heating options are no different. We always do our research, based on actual buyer reviews, to try at all times to bring you the best of the best.​

Current and Hot on the Market - We ​keep right up to date with all of the current and trending home heating options on the UK marketplace. In these modern days the list of available products in any market changes quickly. We keep an eye on the movers and shakers, to bring you today's news and not yesterdays.

Understanding the UK Market

Do you ever search on Google for reviews​ and get nothing but US listed websites? Yes that happens to us as well. When looking for a UK product review, we also wanted to see United Kingdom information, and not statements like awesome or $ signs. We wanted to see £ signs and recommendations from those living in the UK.

Our website is about reviewing products for people living in the UK exclusively. 

We make all of our recommendations with integrity. We don't know anyone who doesn't like a bargain​, but more often than not, you do get what you pay for. Sometimes though you can get both, great value and a high quality product. We will tell you when we find these.

About Us - Why I Do This​?

When you retire from work, then you will have some time on your hands. Having worked in the electrical industry for years, I know and understand these heating products really well. As I don't own a shop or have any particular preference, I can basically offer you an independent opinion. That, I think makes a huge difference, as you are not listening to a lot of marketing junk.

Contact Me​

If you want to ask me a question, then pop over to my contact page. ​All you need to do there is fill out a very short form. I will try and reply within a couple of days, and more likely, sooner than that.

I recommend starting at our Homepage, to see the many types of heating options available for your home.​