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Best Home Electric Fan Reviews UK 2017

On this page we take a look at the best electric fans for home and small office use. There are quite a few different options for fans, and for cooling the air in your home or office. In this article we look at all the options available in the UK.

These fans range from pedestal fans, tower fans, desk and portable fans and all the way through to attic and kitchen and bathroom fans. The one that you pick will depend on exactly what you want it to do.​

Which Electric Fan Should You Buy

It is always good to have choice in a marketplace. However sometimes too much choice can make the decision more difficult, even complex. Hopefully we can help and offer you some really useful buying advice.

To help do that, we have explained the types of electric fans available, and more importantly what they should be used for.​

Electrical Home Fan Buying Guide

The easiest way to do this is to look at each of the fan types in a lot more detail. We shall start with the highly popular "Electric Tower Fans."


electric tower fan buying guide

These are a very popular choice for many homes in the United Kingdom (UK). These are designed to work as a fan, but these are also a lot more attractive to have around the home.

They come in many different styles, and usually have at least 3 fan speeds, rotary controls, oscillation features and do not take up much room around the home.

These are ideal for cooling small to medium sized rooms. Like any fan though, they do not actually create cold air. They blow and circulate the air in the room, and this causes a breeze which feels cooling.​

Mainly they are used in living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories. People buy these as they are much better looking than ceiling fans or pedestal fans.

They also need very little work to set up and get going.​ You can also buy mini tower fans.


electric pedestal fan buying guide

These are also very popular, more so for offices than for around the home. That said people do use them in bedrooms and conservatories

Like the tower fan, they come in many different styles from different brands. They also have a range of fan speeds, oscillation features and many come with a remote control feature.

These are basically a set of blades that sit on a pedestal. The height can be adjusted, and the blades are contained within a plastic or metal cage for safety reasons.

They have a heavy base to help prevent toppling. These are very good at creating a lot of air very quickly. You will see them mainly used in offices up and down the UK.


electric ceiling fan buying guide

These were very popular a few years ago. People still buy these for their living room, bedroom and also in conservatories. These are effective enough but the main drawback for these, is that they are difficult to fit.

Unless you are good at DIY, then most people will need an electrician to have one of these fitted properly. Many of these also come with a light. That means they can double up as a fan and also as a lighting mechanism for the home.


electric desk personal fan buying guide

These are hugely popular and are bought in their thousands. They are used to place on a desk top, or in a bedroom to keep the air cool around you when you are working or when you are sleeping.

These are small inexpensive fans, and people buy these as a cheap and effective method of cooling down a small area, around your body.

The 4 fan types that I have shown above, are by quite a way the most popular choices on the UK market. There are more fan types which I shall cover below. The ones shown below show these specific fans in more detail.


electric bathroom extractor fan buying guide

As the name would suggest, these are used exclusively in bathrooms. The purpose of these is to remove steam and prevent condensation in the bathroom. These do need to be properly fitted. Many modern homes already have these installed as standard.

Like the ceiling fan, they do need to be properly fitted by someone who is qualified. Electricians and plumbers are usually capable of doing this task easily. This type of fan is pretty cheap ranging from around £25-40, depending on exactly what you need.