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Best Rope Leads for Dogs

Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews of the best rope leads for dogs. Many dog owners prefer to use a rope style lead rather than a chain or metal style lead. Ideally you want your dog lead to be suitable for everyday use. That means they need to be simple and quick to fit.

They also need to be tough and durable and avoid twisting. We would also recommend some type of padded handle. That helps avoid rope burn, and just makes walking the dog a great deal more comfortable. Slip leads are popular with dogs who tend to pull and also for larger dogs.

  • Extra fine dog leads are a good choice for miniature and small dogs
  • Leads for larger dogs should be shorter and heavier than a standard lead
  • Leads for gun or hunting dogs should also be heavier that a standard lead

Generally speaking rope leads are a good choice, if your dog tends to pull hard, or tends to try and chew on the lead. It does make them an ideal choice for puppies.

No 1 - JBYAMUK 5 FT Strong Dog Lead with Comfortable Padded Handle

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 5 feet long
  • Available in black, purple, blue and pink
  • Made from high quality climbing nylon ropes with an anti-bite layer design inside
  • Heavy duty zinc alloy clips
  • Uses wider double reflector threads yo help keep you and your dog safe and visible
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers overall seem very impressed with this rope. They said it was very strong. Quite a number of buyers who had problems with dogs chewing through leads gave this rope very high praise. Buyers also liked the handle. They said that even when you had to wrap the rope around your hand, it was still a very comfortable way to walk your dog.

CONS:- A few buyers said the clasp got sticky after a while. Some buyers didn't like the plastic bits that cover the rope joints. A couple of buyers said the lead was heavy.

No 2 - Sweetie Rope Dog Lead

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 1.5 metres long feet long
  • Available in black or orange
  • Made from heavy duty climbing rope
  • Has 2 padded handles for comfort
  • Has integrated reflective stitching for night time walking
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers thought this was very good value for money. Buyers said that the two handles makes a big difference as you can if you wish, use the handle down the lead, which gives you better control. Buyers also said that the handle is great, and very comfortable. It does not hurt or burn your hands.

Buyers said that these can be washed. Most buyers said this was good for training purposes. Buyers also really liked the reflective thread.

CONS:- Some buyers said this is not a good choice for bigger or stronger dogs. Some buyers said on the longer handle said the lead could droop too much.

No 3 - U-picks Rope Dog Lead with Soft Padded Handle

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 5 feet long
  • Available in black, green, purple, blue, red and pink.
  • Made from mountain climbing nylon braided rope
  • Has a padded handle
  • Clip turns 360 degrees to prevent twisting
  • Has reflective threads for night time walking
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers said that this is a well made and sturdy lead. Buyers much preferred this strong lead when compared to any type of retractable lead. Buyers liked the comfortable handle. Buyers also liked the fact that this was a long lead.

CONS:- Buyers didn't like the rubber bits near the clip.

No 4 - Dogs & Co. Rope Slip Choke Dog Lead

  • Suitable for dogs up to 50 lbs
  • Almost 5 feet long (59") 1.5 metres
  • Available in black, red, and purple
  • This is a soft durable rope slip lead
  • Made for dogs who pull and good for country walks
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers liked the fact that this was very easy to slip on and off. Any buyer with a bog dog said that this was a very good choice. Buyers also said that this was a very good choice for pulling dogs.

CONS:- There are almost no complaints about this lead which is of course a very good sign. Buyers said that you did need to be aware of choking problems.

No 5 - Mycicy Rope Dog Lead

  • Good choice as a training lead for a puppy
  • 1.8 metres long
  • Available in black, blue, green, red and pink
  • Made from mountain climbing rope
  • Heavy duty clip hook with safety catch
  • Soft padded handle
  • Has reflective threads
  • 100% money back guarantee
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers say that this is a long lead and avoids the lead becoming tangled with your legs when walking. Buyers said this was much better than a standard lead. Buyers liked the soft nature of the handle. Buyers also liked the bright colours that are available.

CONS:- Not many complaints but a few buyers said they had problems with the clip sticking.

No 6 - ADOGO Rope Dog Lead with Soft Padded Handle

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 5 feet long
  • Available in black, blue and pink
  • Made of supple rock climbing nylon braided rope
  • Soft padded handle
  • Heavy duty metal clip
  • Reflective threads for night time walking
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- The majority of buyers said this was a very well made strong lead. They liked the round profile handle as that made it very comfortable on their hands.  Buyers also liked the clip as it rotates freely so no twisting of the lead or collar. Most buyers said the lead was the perfect length.

CONS:- Not many complaints but a few buyers did say that the stitching was crude. Some buyers said that it was not suitable for smaller dogs.

No 7 - Rosewood Rope Twist Lead

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 64" in length
  • Available in black, brown and red
  • Affordable lead
  • Uses a trigger clip
  • Lightweight woven construction
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers say this is a thick, strong and sturdy lead.  Buyers said that although this is a sturdy lead is still light in weight.  Buyers did like the extra length of this lead.

CONS:- Buyers didn't like the plastic parts and a few buyers thought the clip was poor quality.

No 8 - Ancol Nylon Rope Slip Lead

  • Suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs
  • 1.22 metres long
  • Available in black,  blue, green and red
  • Hand sewn nylon lead which is easy to clean
  • Small and fits in your pocket
  • Waterproof
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers state that this is a very good slip lead that is comfortable in the hand.  Buyers say the price is very good for a strong lead of this nature.

CONS:- Buyers say that it was woven and did not release as quick as a smoother rope would.

No 9 - Embark Pets Sierra Rope Dog Lead

  • This uses climbing grade rope which can support up to 2,700 lbs
  • A perfect choice for larger dogs of any breed
  • This lead is 6 feet long
  • Available in orange and turqoise
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • This is an expensive lead but great quality for larger dogs especially
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Owners of large dogs say this is a very tough rope lead and exactly what is needed.  Most buyers said that this was a good choice for chewing. Buyers liked the bright colour.

CONS:- Buyers said this is too expensive for a dog lead.

No 10 - Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Lead

  • Suitable for any size of dog but especially large sized and/or heavy dogs
  • Made from mountain climbing rope
  • 6 feet long
  • Available in black only
  • Comes with a padded handle
  • Glows in the dark
Buyer Satisfaction

PROS:- Buyers seemed to like the long length and the strength of the lead. Buyers also liked the padded handle. Buyers liked the fact that there was some elasticity in the lead which was useful at times.

CONS:- Some buyers thought the rope was too stiff. Some buyers though the clip was too lightweight.

Rope Lead Buying Guide

We have put together a short buying guide that should help you, if you are considering buying a rope style lead for your dog.

Clasps vs Slip Leads

The slip lead is one that can be quickly put over a dog's head, and as such does not need to be wearing a collar. They are most often used for training puppies, and may also be suitable for owners who want to be able to quickly let their dog off the leash.

Slip Leads

You will hear these referred to as "choke leads." The reality is that if used properly, then these are good for training dogs. We have seen far too often dog owners using these and quite literally dragging their dog when out on a walk. That is not what these are designed for.

These leads need to be placed high up on the dog's neck right behind its ears. When you then give the lead a gentle tug, the dog gets the message right away. Sadly these are often misused and it is all too easy to choke a smaller dog, or make their walk a very uncomfortable experience.


The standard clip lead is quickly attached to the collar with a clasp like action. These are the better choice of the two and are the most popular. The clasp ideally should be made from some type of metal for strength. Ideally it should swivel as that prevents the lead from twisting.

Rope Material and Why it Matters

Most manufacturers will refer to their ropes as mountain climbing or rock climbing standards. That means the vast majority of rope leads are made from some type of nylon.

Nylon Ropes

These are always light in weight and they are also good in water or wet conditions. The important thing to remember is that all nylon ropes need to be dried out when they get wet. If you don't do that they will stretch over time.

Another distinct advantage of these is that you get plenty of choice in colours as nylon is easy to dye. Most of these will come in black, blue and green. However as you can see from the list, there are other colour choices such as purple red and orange.

Nylon is not the best choice if your dog is a lead chewer. That said, if the rope is thick enough, then the chewing will not have a great impact on the durability of the lead.

Polypropylene Ropes

Polypropylene ropes are very good at keeping water out, and that makes this type of lead a good choice for beach, lake or walks around the pond. These are slightly heavier than the standard nylon rope.

Cotton Ropes

These are not good in any type of wet condition as they retain water and moisture. The only time we would recommend these is if your dog chaffs easily. To make cotton dog leads strong they have to be made thick, and unfortunately that means they tend also to be heavy.

Length of Lead

Most leads will vary in length, but generally speaking, they are anything between 4 to 6 feet in length. (1.2 - 1.8 metres) That does not sound like a big difference in length, but it does make a difference. You will have heard the terms a short leash and a long leash.

Most walks are fine with a longer 5-6 feel long lead. The only time we would recommend a shorter 4 feet lead is where you want to keep your dog close, or keep your dog away from other people.

Thickness of Lead

The thickness of the lead is probably the simplest thing to understand. The easiest way to understand this is that the thicker the lead is, the more suitable it will be for larger dogs. In many ways it is common sense. You will want a thin rope for a smaller dog and a thicker one for a large dog.