Lloytron F1221WH Stay Cool Pedestal Fan - UK Review

The Lloytron F1221WH Stay Cool Pedestal Fan is a popular and well rated fan available in the United Kingdom (UK) It has a very affordable average price point of around ¬£30, and buyers rate this fan overall, at an average 4.3 out of 5 stars.

It came out at numberfour on our top 10 list of pedestal fans, that are available in the UK. Lloytron are a very well known brand in the cooling and heating industry in the UK and worldwide.

What Buyers Liked About The Lloytron F1221WH Stay Cool Pedestal Fan

number four rated Pedestal Fan

I have listed the main features below:

  • This Lloytron model has 3 speed settings, which are low, medium and fast.
  • It has a full 90 degree oscillation or can be in a fixed position so as you can control the air flow.
  • There is also a vertical tilt available on the head
  • It is 1.25 metres high (Around 4 feet)
  • Like all good pedestal fans, this comes with a mesh cover for the blades for obvious safety reasons

Technical Information of the Lloytron F1221WH Pedestal Fan if Required

Some people (like me) also want to know the technical specification. I don't know exactly why I like to know this, but I always do.

  • Measures 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • White colour
  • 50 watts of power
  • 3 speed settings
  • Weighs 3 Kg
  • The head of this fan can tilt
  • The fan is one metre in height, and can be extended to 1.25 metres if required
  • Powerful, cool and very quiet

How Do Buyers Rate the Lloytron F1221WH Fan

Below we have summarised how buyers rated the product. These ratings are based on a 5 star system, with 5 stars being the highest and 1 star being the lowest. We have then summarised those so as you can see at a glance, the overall ratings.

67 %
21 %
0 %
4 %
8 %

So as you can see from the above, around 2 out of every 3 buyers give this fan the full 5 star rating. 88% rate it as a 4 star product or higher, so that is very reassuring that this is  a good quality fan.

What The Buyers Say about the Lloytron Stay Cool Pedestal Fan

Below you will see a few buyer's comments‚Äč

Powerful, cooling and quiet, and without breaking the bank. Very pleased indeed!!

Fairly quiet in use, which is why I bought it. I like the 'white noise' at night

For the price I was pleasantly surprised. Quiet, easy to put together and it does the job.

When you read all of the reviews, it becomes very evident that the people who buy this want a fan that is quiet. Now clearly they also want it to quickly cool a room, but in bedrooms and rooms where noise is important, they want something effective but quiet.

Assembling any fan can be real pain in the butt. This one isn't much different. The instructions are not great, but just try a little patience with a dollop of common sense, and you will get there without any problems.

This is a plain white fan, and this neutral colour allows this fan to be used in almost any decor or setting.


The one feature that most people talk about in their reviews, is that this one does generate a white noise. It is quiet. Now like any fan you will hear the whirring of the blades, but nothing much more than that.

Verdict on the Lloytron F1221WH Pedestal Fan

85 %

This fan has a consistent overall average buyer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. There are plenty of buyers for this one, and overall it is a good quality fan, from a good brand.

Buyers say that this is a powerful fan, that cools quickly, is quiet and it will not break the bank. It is not the highest rated fan, and if this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of pedestal fans.

There are a few complaints about this fan, but not enough to dissuade any potential buyers. The only complaint that I could find was that one buyer, received a battered box with a dusty fan inside. Yes, that would annoy me too, but it doesn't really offer much help as to the quality of the fan.

The majority of buyers are more than satisfied with their purchase of this Lloytron F1221WH Stay Cool Pedestal Fan

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