Prem-I-Air 16"Chrome Pedestal Fan - UK Review

The Prem-I-Air chrome pedestal fan is a popular and well rated fan available in the United Kingdom (UK) It is an expensive fan costing around £70, and buyers rate this fan overall, at an average 4.1 out of 5 stars.

It came out at number three on our top 10 list of pedestal fans, that are available in the UK. The price point however will probably put many people off. You do get some extra features with this one and an example of this is the useful sleep timer. Let's have a closer look.

What Buyers Liked About The Prem-I-Air Chrome Pedestal Fan

Prem-I-Air 16

I have listed the main features below:

  • Most buyers said, that this fan is very well finished and it does have a sleek design. From the image above, you can see that the chrome finish does look great.
  • It has a remote control feature and buyers did comment on how useful that was.
  • Buyers particularly liked the timer function - This can be set to switch off in 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
  • They liked the option of 3 speeds and a breeze speed
  • They also liked that the fan can be set to a static position, or made to oscillate for a wider circulation of air in the room

Technical Information if Required

Some people (like me) also want to know the technical specification. I don't know exactly why I like to know this, but I always do.

  • ​16" fan
  • Measures 135 cm to 105 cm x 45 cm x 41 cm (The height can be changed between 105-135 cm)
  • Chrome colour
  • 60 watts of power
  • 3 speed settings and a breeze mode
  • Weighs 4.3 Kg
  • Can be static or made to oscillate
  • The fan can be changed by a remote or by soft touch controls on the fan itself
  • It is quiet when switched on, and very quiet on the low setting, making it ideal for a bedroom.

How Do Buyers Rate the Prem-I-Air Chrome Pedestal Fan

Below we have summarised how buyers rated the product. These ratings are based on a 5 star system, with 5 stars being the highest and 1 star being the lowest. We have then summarised those so as you can see at a glance, the overall ratings.

54 %
23 %
10 %
4 %
9 %

So as you can see from the above, around 1 out of every 2 buyers give this radiator the full 5 star rating. 77% rate it as a 4 star product or higher, so that is very reassuring that this is  a good quality fan. However it is worth noting that 9% also gave this a 1 star rating.

We checked those out and the main complaints were:​

  • It was too loud​
  • The product arrived damaged in the post
  • Some thought it just wasn't worth the high price tag

What The Buyers Say about the Prem-I-Air Chrome Pedestal Fan

Below you will see a few buyer's comments​

he quiet motor in this fan has made it the best buy of the summer for me

Fantastic product...I loved it so much I bought two. One for my lounge and one for my bedroom.

This remote controlled fan is good looking and stylish in chrome finish but is much too noisy and fast even on low setting

People seem to buy and use this fan for different rooms in the home. Quite a few buyers said that it was just too noisy for a bedroom. Some others thought it was OK for a bedroom, as they liked the "white noise." Noise is always a matter of opinion. All fans are noisy, and that noise gets louder the faster that it goes.

Some people like that sound as it helps them sleep. Others hate it and prefer silence. It can be hard to have a fan blowing, and not hear some background noise.​

It will take around 15-20 minutes to assemble this fan from out of the box. The grill will take about 10 minutes to clip and screw together.

Verdict on the Prem-I-Air Chrome Pedestal Fan

75 %
Value for Money

This one did come out at number three on our list. The quality and the style of this fan is pretty good. The price point is we think rather high. We are certain that will put many buyers off this purchase.

It is easy to set up and get it running. It is always useful to have the option of a timer, and also of a remote control. So in terms of convenience, this one does tick the boxes.

If this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of pedestal fans, by clicking here.​

For this model though, the speed choices are also typical, and the breeze is certainly an interesting addition. The brand itself is well known and well respected.

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