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Best Tower Fan Review Summaries 2017

Below we have included a list of the best tower fans available in the UK. As well as reviews summaries of what we believe to be the top-rated tower fans, currently available on the market.

We independently read and verify thousands of reviews from actual buyers to provide you with the most accurate reviews possible. Which allows you to make an informed decision as to what tower fan best suites your needs.

Dyson, Honeywell, Dimplex and Mylek are the best brands to look out for when selecting a tower fan.

1. Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Our number one tower fan recommendation has to be the Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower. We love the design, it’s a fresh take on what a tower fan should look like in a market full of plastic boxes.

Dyson cool fans have powerful airflow and are up to 70% quieter than conventional fans. This fan draws in surrounding air to project a smooth powerful airflow to cool your home. To maximise air circulation the Dyson AM07 can be set to oscillate.

As you have probably noticed this fan doesn’t incorporate a fan, making it both exceptionally safe and easy to clean.

Additionally the AM07 is incredibly energy efficient consuming 10% less electricity than the AM02 model. For additional energy savings the fan can be put on a sleep timer, with intervals ranging from 15 mins to 8 hours.

All of this fabulous functionality can be controlled by a simple portable remote. This remote can precisely control 10 airflow settings, the sleep timer and the oscillation of the fan. As an added bonus it magnetically attaches to the fan so you never have to worry about locating your controller.

2. Honeywell HO-5500RE Tower Fan

One of the most popular tower fans available online is the Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan. This tower fan is one of the bestselling home cooling products on Amazon UK and with good reason.

This compact fan offers a wide range of oscillation up to 110 degrees. Oscillation and temperature can be controlled using a useful handheld remote. The fan itself has 3 wind modes to suit the user’s preference and creates a smooth but quiet flow of cool air.

Additionally, the product has been designed to ensure maximum safety as it incorporates two aluminium bars for added stability. There is also a gliding grill function, meaning the motor is housed internally, and this allows for smooth oscillation without any user safety concerns.

3. Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

Number 3 on our list is the Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling fan which has also received rave reviews. This stylish fan offers 3 fan speed options which can be set on a timer. These setting can be set using a simple hand held remote control.

The Dimplex Mont Blan Cooling fan oscillates much like conventional tower fans. However, unlike most tower fans it incorporates a safety cut off. Therefore, you can be assured that if this fan is knocked over it will cut itself off to prevent any damage to the fan or your floor.

This fan is also fully portable and incorporates a carrying handle. That makes it super easy to transport from room to room, and as such, you don’t have to be constricted to using this tower fan in a single location.

4. Mylek Cyclops Tower Fan

Another great option if you’re on a budget is the Mylek Cyclops 34" Remote Control Oscillating Tower Fan. This tower fan incorporates some premium features without the premium price tag.

Such features include a stylish LED display as well as 6 air speed settings, which provides a wide range of cooling options for your home. However, what is unique about the Mylek Cyclops is that it features a built in ionizer.

This helps remove dust and dirt particles from being circulated around your room. Ultimately, allowing the fan to produce a smooth flow of filtered air into your living space.

All of these setting can be controlled and set on a timer with the use of the fans handheld remote control. Please not this remote takes 2 AAA batteries, which are not included with the product should you choose to purchase it.

5. Honeywell HO-1100RE

Last but not least on our list is the Honeywell HO-1100RE tower Fan. Which is another reliable tower fan choice, if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

This fan offers 3 levels of variable air flow and oscillates smoothly to maximise cool air circulation around the room. Its compact modern design makes it ideal for living areas and home offices.

This is a very poplar budget priced choice.​

Tower Fan Buying Guide 

Room Size

A crucial factor in deciding what fan is best for you, is the size of the room you want to cool down. Is it a small office room or a larger bedroom or living area? Thankfully, tower fans are an excellent option for cooling rooms of any size.

However, not all tower fans were made equal and often come in different heights, with varying air outputs. Therefore, before purchasing a fan you should check what size of room it can cool. Most high-quality manufacturers will provide this information in their product description.

Air Filters

Something that is commonly overlooked in many tower fans is that they often incorporate filters which will collect dirt and dust particles.

The downside to this is that these filters often have to be cleaned or otherwise replaced. Neglecting to clean or replace filter can cause fans to overheat and burn out.

Some modern models incorporate ionisation as a filtration method, which removes dirt particles and odours. These fans are usually slightly more expensive, but often last significantly longer. Ultimately, you pay for what you get.

Speed Settings

One of the most key features of any fan is its speed settings. We would recommend that you should pick a tower fan that features a wide range of speed settings. Where possible get a fan that has a minimum of 3 speed levels. This will give you the option to gently circulate air around your room or blast it with cool air to rapidly cool your homes.


The vast majority of tower fans will come with built in controls. However, ideally you should look for one that comes with a potable remote control. This will save you the hassle of having to continually get up to adjust your fan settings.


No one likes to listen to a consistent humming noise in their home. Particularly if the fan is in a bedroom at night. Therefore, we advise you purchase a fan that generates as little noise as possible on a low setting. Fans that offer a wide range of speeds will typically be quieter than those that offer limited options.

Child Safety

Tower fans are designed to be placed upright on the ground. Therefore, if you have any young children or pets this could pose a potential safety hazard.

The fans propellers are often encased and do not cause much of a risk. However, most tower fans could topple over if knocked or pulled. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a tower fan with a solid base that incorporates an automatic cut off if it is toppled over.


When buying any electronic goods for your home you want to get your money’s worth. Therefore, it is always important to check if the manufacturer provides any guarantees or warranties. Brands such as Dyson will typically provide a 2-year guarantee.

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