Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan Review UK

Standing at just 121 centimetres, the Dimplex Mont Blanc is one of the most compact, yet power tower fans on the market. But how to does compare to other well-known brands?

As independent reviewers, we compare and contrast hundreds individual reviews, to create an accurate picture of how a product really performs. Therefore, not only will this review identify the key features and functionality of the Dimplex Mont Blanc. It will also show what real UK customers said they loved and hated about the product.

Quick Summary 



  • Stylish Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Affordability 


  • Power Cord 

What Customers Say... 

What customers loved about the Dimplex Mont Blanc

Stylish Design

The Dimplex Mont Blanc’s slim modern design was to the liking of those who used it. Many of whom described it as much more aesthetically pleasing than other tower fans hey had tried in the past. More importantly it was described as unobtrusive, therefore this fan is a welcome addition to any room in your home.

Easy to use controls 

Many customers where pleased with how straight forward the set-up process was. Additionally, the Dimplex Mont Blanc’s simplistic design and operating system meant it was up and running perfectly moments after being unboxed.

Even better yet, the Dimplex Mont Blanc’s remote control comes with batteries included. So, you don’t have to worry about rummaging through your kitchen drawer for spare AAAs should you choose to purchase this product.


Reviews indicate that many customers who bought the Dimplex Mont Blanc’s believed they received exaptational value for money. Especially as the Dimplex Mont Blanc’s is a fraction of the price of other big name brands. Most customers have been using the product for well over 2 years without any issues. Therefore, it’s safe to say If you choose to purchase Dimplex Mont Blanc you are guaranteed your money’s worth.

What customers disliked about the Dimplex Mont Blanc

Power Cord 

Some customers where disappoint the Dimplex Mont Blanc only features a 1.8 meter power cord. Making it awkward to position in some people’s homes. Therefore, if your power sockets are located behind coaches or beds we recommend either investing in a power extension cable. Or alternatively checking out alternative fans such as the Dyson AM07 that have power cords longer than 2 meters.

Dimplex Mont Blanc-Key Features 

3 Airflow Levels 

The Dimplex Mont Blanc comes equipped with 3 air flow variations. Allowing you to precisely determine the flow of cool air around your home using its handheld remote or LED display.

Safety Cut Off

Safety is of the upmost importance when selecting a tower fan. Especially if you have young children or pets. For this reason, Dimplex have designed the Mont Blanc with an emergency cut off, which deactivates the fan should it fall over or receive a hard knock.


The Dimplex Mont Blanc is incredibly compact standing at just 121 cm in height and 31 cm in width. Additionally, it only weights 2.93 Kg when fully erected. Therefore, should you choose to transport this fan around your home. You can do so with ease using its useful built in transport handle.


Should you wish to cool you home when you are out. Or simply want to intermittently cool your room during warm nights. The Dimplex Mont Blanc comes with a built in timer which can be easily programmed with touch of the button. Therefore, you never have to come home to a sweltering bedroom or living are again.

Review Summary 

Ultimately, we believe the Dimplex Mont Blanc sleek simplistic design and usability makes it one of the very best tower fan option on the market. Ultimately, earning it a KoolClick overall rating of 4.8/5.

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