Honeywell HO-1100RE Oscillating Tower Fan Review UK

The sister product to the very popular Honeywell HO-5500RE. The Honeywell HO-1100RE best known for its sleek silver exterior and reliable air flow features. However, how does it compare with its equally popular counterparts?

This review is an amalgamation of reviews from actual buyers. Highlighting what they believed to be the benefits and drawbacks of the Honeywell HO-1100REs overall performance. As well as the unique aspects of the product that differentiate it from its competitors.

Quick Summary 



  • Ease of use
  • Quiet Airflow
  • Convenience


  • Transport

What Customers Said... 

What Customers Loved

Assembly & Ease of Use 

Many customers where incredibly pleased that the Honeywell HO-1100RE came fully assembled. Therefore, there was no time wasted reading tedious instructions and trying to figure out what goes where.

Additionally, the majority of customers found the products simple design fairly straight forward to operate using its handheld remote and control panel.

Quiet smooth airflow 

The problem with many tower fans is that they can often produce a choppy, turbulent airflow when adjusted to their higher air flow setting. This in turn can cause a lot of noise disturbance, which isn’t ideal when you or members of your family are trying to sleep.

However, this is not the case the Honeywell HO-1100RE as customers reported that it ran exceptionally. Producing a smooth comfortable flow of air with minimal noise, even when place on its highest air speed setting.


Customers loved that the Honeywell HO-1100RE could be left on a timer to blow cool air intermittently. Ultimately, allowing customers to get on with their daily lives without haven’t to worry about coming home to an oven for a bedroom.

What Customers Disliked


So customers were dissatisfied with the fact that the Honeywell HO-1100RE does not feature a built in transport handle. Ultimately, making the moving the fan from one room to another much more awkward. Therefore, it is important to bear this in mind should you choose to purchase the product.

Key Features 

3 Speed Settings 

The Honeywell HO-1100RE comes with 3 different air speed variations. Allowing to precisely determine the air flow around your room.

These speed setting can be easily adjusted using the fans handheld remote control. A cool feature of which, is that it can be stored by being clipped into the top of the fan itself. Therefore, you never have to worry about losing your remote.


The Honeywell HO-1100RE is incredibly compact standing at only 76 cm and weighing only 4.3 KG. Therefore, it can be stored away easily if space is at a premium in your home. Perfect for small home offices or studies.

3 year guarantee 

Should you choose to purchase the Honeywell HO-1100RE you can be sure you will receive your money’s worth as each fan comes with a 3 year warranty period. Therefore, it is very low risk investment.


To maximise airflow circulation the Honeywell HO-1100RE incorporated an oscillation feature which has a range of motion of 90 degrees. This oscillation can also be set using the devices remote control.


Lastly but not lease, the Honeywell HO-1100RE gives you complete control of when you whish to circulate are around your home using a built in timer. This time can be set stop after increments of time up to 7 and a half hours.

Review Summary 

Ultimately, we believe the Honeywell HO-1100RE is an exeptional tower fan for its price. Therefore, we have given it a Kool Click score of 4.7/5 .

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