VonHaus 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator - UK Review

The VonHuas 11 fin, 2,500 watt Oil Filled Radiator Heater is one of the best selling oil filled radiators, that is currently available on the UK market. Overall buyers rate this radiator as a 4.4 out of 5 star product. With an average sale price of around £35-40, this radiator really is great value for money.

You can buy this radiator at stores such as Tesco and Argos, and also online at places such as Amazon UK and eBay. The prices will range anything between £35-45.

It came out high enough up on our top 10 list of oil filled radiators. ​This radiator has three power settings and those allow you to select the level of heating to suit your needs. Depending on the degree of coldness, having these options saves you money but also keeps the heat bang on the right setting.

What Buyers Liked About this VonHaus Branded Radiator​

VonHaus 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Review
  • The main thing buyers pointed out was that this could heat up a room quite quickly, and that of course is the most important point of having one of these.
  • Many buyers also liked the fact that this was almost zero maintenance. So that meant they good forget about having to service it.
  • This model has really good safety features which included, a thermal cut-off, an automatic overheat protection system and a safety tip over switch.
  • It is also portable and on castors - that means you can move it about from room to room as required.
  • The cable can be tidied away and it measures about 1.5 metres long (4 feet)

Technical Information if Required

VonHaus 11 Fin 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Some people (like me) also want to know the technical specification. I don't know exactly why I like to know this, but I always do.

  • ​Measures 63 x 48 x 24 cm
  • Weighs around 11 Kg
  • White colour
  • 2,500 watts of power
  • 3 heat setting options
  • 1.5 metres of cable (about 4.5 feet)
  • Has 11 fins (vents) which is ideal for medium sized rooms
  • Has 4 easy to glide castors and that makes this radiator easy enough to move around from room to room or wherever needed
  • Has carrying handles should you need to move it up or down stairs or over door sills
  • It has a 24 hour timer
  • Comes with a standard 3 pin 13 amp UK plug
  • Costs about 30 pence an hour to run off your electricity

How Do Buyers Rate the VonHaus 11 Fin 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Below we have summarised how buyers rated the product. These ratings are based on a 5 star system, with 5 stars being the highest and 1 star being the lowest. We have then summarised those so as you can see at a glance, the overall ratings.

67 %
17 %
7 %
3 %
6 %

So as you can see from the above, around 2 out of every 3 buyers give this radiator the full 5 star rating. 84% rate it as a 4 star product or higher, so that is very reassuring that this is  a good quality heater.

What The Buyers Say about the VonHaus 11 Fin 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Below you will see a few buyer's comments​

It's an absolute God sent product for those freezing mornings! I've recommended it to a few friends

Fantastic heater heats up quick with no noise..Does exactly what a heater is meant to do

I bought two and they heat the house (3 bed semi) fine on chilly days

People seem to buy and use this radiator, when they are waiting for the main central heating to kick in. It is certainly a fast way of getting some heat into the house. Many buyers also stated that it was not noisy at all, unlike many of the blow style heaters. It takes about 10-15 minutes to warm a room, and then the thermostat will take over and switch it on and off as and when the temperature falls.

Quite a number of buyers also used this model to heat the shed, a garage or even a small office. A little assembly is required which does not take long, but be aware the assembly instructions are pretty bad. Essentially what you have to do is add the castors on, so not too difficult.​

Verdict on the VonHaus 11 Fin Radiator

It is a best selling product on quite a few online websites. That is not really a big surprise as it is certainly well priced. The only real complaints that I could find about this radiator, was that some people thought it did not heat bigger rooms that well.

​Some buyers did have issues with the radiator arriving in bad condition. That would appear to be down to the courier, rather than the actual quality of the product. Buyers seem to buy this both for the home and also for the office.

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